€50 Gift Box

Congratulations! Here’s pure entertainment for you, worth a total of €50! 

This gift set includes €10 sportsbetting money, €10 casino money, 10x 1$ poker tickets – these can be used at OlyBet online casino, also €20 Olympic Casino money, that can be used at all Olympic Casinos all over Estonia. Bonuses can be used for both new and existing clients.

1. To receive OlyBet bonuses, you need to have a personal OlyBet account. In case you do not have an account yet, please create it here www.olybet.ee and then come back to www.olybetgift.com page.
2. Please insert on form below: security code (from leaflet you find from the box); bonus code; e-mail and your OlyBet username.
3. The bonus will be transferred to your account within one day, between the hours of 09.00 and 00.00.
4. You can use all of the 3 OlyBet offers (sports, poker, casino), but you have to insert codes one by one.
5. To receive Olympic Casino €20 bonuses please visit any Olympic Casino in Estonia and give this coupon to the staff of the casino. Find your nearest Olympic Casino: http://www.olympic-casino.ee/casinos

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